State Library of Western Australia Foundation

The Juniper Collection

The State Library of Western Australia Foundation is proud to announce the acquisition of a collection of evocative illustrations created by artist, Robert Juniper, a giant in the cultural world of Western Australia until his death in 2013. These imaginative artworks complemented a children’s story, written by Trevor Todd: “Mason Judy” which was published in 1977.

The story documents a young boy’s journey as he is transported into the Dreamtime through his discovery of a magic stone. Along the way he meets a series of Aboriginal guides who encourage him to return the stone to its original location, which he does, but not without a string of adventures along the way. The acquisition of these artworks has provided the State Library with the opportunity to reinterpret the works and the story with a contemporary audience.

The acquisition of the Juniper Collection was celebrated at the State Library of Western Australia on Thursday, March 6th with a very moving formal ceremony featuring compelling speeches from Trevor Todd, author of “Mason Judy” and  Dr Margaret Nowack, Director of the State Library Board. An appreciative audience that included relatives and friends of the late Robert Juniper and of Trevor Todd attended the launch and enjoyed the opportunity to see the works exhibited and the opportunity to reminisce about the days when “Mason Judy” was created and the impact that this children’s book had on their lives.